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Deutsche Bank

Feb 2021


2021 Year of Ox Red Packets design for DWS Investments Hong Kong Limited

After few months of handwork, I can finally show you guys the outcome of the red packet designs for DWS Investments HK Limited.

Here I have to thank the client for trusting me and handing me this job.

The reason they pick me is that I have the ability to fusion Chinese and western styles. Which matches their company policy. People who followed me knows that I prefer drawing in western style, Chinese style may be a bit unfamiliar to me. Yet this time I think I did quite well and outdid myself.

The theme for this illustration is Bull’s market, that’s why you can see I illustrated an ancient Chinese market, with women’s dancing around the gold bull, upper-class lady riding rickshaw, children playing with fireworks, and crowd holding mythological beast. A prosperity scene to depict.

When I received the actual packets I was kind of stunned, after adding the gold foils and embossing, it was on another level compared to the digital file. Unfortunately, the red packets are for internal use only, it will not be for sale.

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