Medusa Heart Vase 


Medusa is actually a tragic character. All of her sufferings are caused by Poseidon and Athena. Poseidon set up a trick to rape Medusa. Yet, Instead of helping her to do justice Athena turned her into a beast out of jealousy. Once a beautiful woman who captivated the gods ending up like this.


Collaboration work with @inau.97, a crossover between ceramics and illustration.

Approx. size  13cm long x 12cm height x 4cm width

Hand building into a heart shape afterward applies underglaze and bisque fired with 850 degrees. Then applies glossy glaze and glaze firing with 1200 degrees.
It can be used for floral work or display.

*each piece is hand made therefore may have a little flaw*

Medusa Heart Vase